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Sherri’s interest in vintage costume jewelry started early on while growing up in California’s Napa Valley. The glitz and glamour of old Hollywood films fascinated her as a child, and once she reached her teens she began searching for unusual pieces of jewelry with style and presence, reminding her of the elegant movie stars of that era.


Upon completion of her degree in fine art at the University of California, Davis, Sherri traveled to Italy where she fell in love with the history, the art and the beauty of the landscape. The Italian flair coupled with a “gioia di vivere” led her to establish her home and subsequently a business in Florence. Her childhood hobby was turning into her career. For the next 18 years, Sherri led a profitable import/export business and was soon selling American costume jewelry to some of Italy’s trendiest boutiques.

Sherri’s passion evolved into the creation of her own jewelry line and for the past 15 years has been working with some of Florence’s finest artisans. It only seems natural that Hollywood would call, so to be nearer her growing clientele of celebrity stylists, costume and fashion designers, Los Angeles became her new West Coast base. Today she spends part of the year at her home in Florence designing her collection. Among those seen wearing Sherri’s designs are Kim Kardashian, Cindy Lauper, Nelly Furtado, Jennifer Hudson, Tyra Banks, Nikki Minaj, Mary Kate Olsen, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Serena Williams and P. Diddy.

The culmination of her background in art and fashion enable her to create exquisite vintage inspired pieces with the glitz and glamour she has always adored. Sherri’s visions are turned into opulent realities, creating unique and one of a kind pieces. Her latest line, Legacies, was inspired by her family & ancestors. It celebrates our past with the addition of upcycled materials for a vintage feel and Boho look. By combining her art background with her love of Italy and the world of fashion Sherri’s life has come “full circle”.

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